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When selling your home first impressions are EVERYTHING!   As a complimentary service to my clients I have hired Paula Babineaux with Staging by Paula.  Paula is an Accredited Staging Professional and Certified Home Marketing Specialist to professionally stage your home.  It is proven that staged homes get my client's the most money for their home in a shorter period of time!  Paula will consider YOUR needs first and foremost, helping your space look it's absolute best using the items already in your home and on a friendly budget!  If you are ready to begin the process of getting the MOST out of your home just give me a call at 832-200-5654!


Paula Babineaux, ASP, chms    Paula Babineaux, ASP, chms

Staging by Paula




MYTH 1: Staging is Decorating...

     Staging is NOT decorating or design!  Decorating or Design is personalizing and STAGING is de-personalizing and preparing a home for the un-known buyer.  That is why it is KEY that you hire someone with training specifically on how to prepare a home for sale.


MYTH 2: Staging Costs Too Much...

    Staging is an investment in getting a home SOLD and this investment is always less than a price reduction.


MYTH 3: All I need are lights, flowers and music...

     Those are great for showing a house, but that is not staging.  Staging requires an objective and professional assessment of a home's strengths and challenge areas and solutions to help buyers fall IN LOVE with what they see.


MYTH 4:  I can just watch one of those shows....

     The shows on HGTV and similar channels give sellers an idea that they need to do something to their house to prepare it for sale, but sellers can not truly be objective in a house they have lived in and sometimes need a third party opinion to get it properly staged.  Christina and Paula have the experience and ideas to help sellers get their home ready for that perfect buyer and ultimately SOLD!