A word from one of ournbuyers:


I enjoyed working with you on the purchase of the home in Alvin.  As you can imagine, I come across a number of real estate agents and deciding who I want to work with is sometimes difficult.  I will upset a number of agents if they hear that I worked with someone other than them.  Being in the business, I am in an unique spot to evaluate an agent.  I often see a side of agents that they would not otherwise show a typical client because of my prior interactions with them.    


You were easy to schedule with, but I also look for value when working with an agent.  I am not looking for someone to just open the door for me and write up a contract.  The biggest takeaway that I can give you is that I never felt that you were in it to simply close a transaction.  I felt that you sincerely wanted me to find the right house to meet my criteria.  You added value to the process by providing your input on a house.  If you felt a house was not worth the value you were not afraid to let me know.  You were flexible to withdraw a deal that I entered into, but feeling a little uneasy about.  You clearly saw the big picture of wanting me to find the right house and was not scared to put the work in to find something else with a better fit.  You added value to me with market knowledge of the various neighborhoods, your input on the right price, and making sure we buy the right property.


Sorry so long, but keep it up and you will rock out 2019!!

— Anonymous